The default place for a sundowner. Anker beer is the best-seller, (Rp 27,000-25,000 + tax). They also serve cocktails and food until 23:00. Shisha is available, try the apple/mint flavor for that freshmaker feeling.

The Lounge has maintained and excellent atmosphere and great food for years now. It’s a great place to meet other travelers and plug into the grapevine. They have free wifi (as do all of the nicer restaurants in Labuan Bajo) and a good drinks list. Shisha is a fun addition and unique in Labuan Bajo.

The menu had some very nice local dishes as well as european food and the servings were a good size. The service while friendly was relaxed, and you had to wave to get there attention if you needed something. In saying that all of the restaurants in Labuan Bajo seemed to be similar in terms of service.

The staff are overly friendly to the point of being insincere, it’s as if they have been instructed they must say hello welcome and good bye thank you for coming.

free wifi that comes with it is delicious. View is average too, considering other places around. Look I’m being harsh, it’s a well designed chill out spot that plays cool music, but the ‘beautiful’ travellers hangout here and it’s that crowd that probably regaling from. It’s definitely worth a visit…

There is also a vegetarian option. The paninis and calzones are tasty and hearty; however, better pizza is found elsewhere in town. My personal favorite? The fish cakes! Two huge patties of fish and potatoes, fried to a crispy outside and a soft inside. Served with a side of veggies.
This place has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, and I think they may even have rooms available now!

The staff were genuinely friendly and the service was good, and the portion sizes were enormous – with Western foods like fish cakes and potato wedges, and burgers to satisfy traveller stomachs – unusual in Flores. The free wifi was one of the fastest connections for Internet.

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