Tour Name : Mount Mbelilling Adventure Trekking in West Flores
Rate : Euro 200/person
Participant : Minimum 2 person
Duration : 02 Days 01 Night

Mount Mbelilling 02 Days 01 Night Adventure Trekking in West Flores

Mount Mbeliling, located in West Manggarai, is the highest mountain in this region. The Mbeliling Forest Reserve, which spans over an area of 15,000 hectares, is the habitat of numerous endemic plant species and birds. Its large variety of flora and fauna make it a perfect trekking destination, especially during the dry season.

Roe Village, situated at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level at the foothills of Mount Mbeliling (1239m), is the ideal starting point for a trek to the mountain. The village is located only 27km away from Labuan Bajo on the Transflores ‘highway’. The Roe community members not only arrange trekking trips to Mount Mbeliling, but also excursions to the beautiful Cunca Wulang canyon. Furthermore, the villagers are committed to share their lively culture with you, including Caci, an exciting form of martial art which is unique to the Manggarai region. All in all, the Roe community offers you a great opportunity to get in touch with local traditions while experiencing West Florinese nature at its best.

The main objective of the community members, who founded the Roe Ecotourism Association in 2007, is the protection of their unique environment. They are more than happy to welcome you to a two-day trek off the beaten track where you can enjoy an adventurous night of camping at the top of Mount Mbeliling.


The Mbeliling Forest Reserve, located in the Sub Districts Komodo and Sano Nggoang covers an area of 15’000 ha. Mount Mbeliling, the highest mountain in this area, is famous for its refreshing air and rich diversity of Fauna and Flora which makes it a perfect trekking destination. On this 2-Day Trek, you can fill up your lungs with fresh and clean air, while local Guides explain to you everything about their culture, customs and the carefully protected treasures of the Mbeliling Area.

This Trekking activity was developed by people from Roe Village, the “Roe Ecotourism Association”. The Association was formed in October 2007 with approximately 50 members from Roe Village. They divide their tasks between Porters, Guides, Cooks and Administrative Staff, all of whom are keen to make these 2 days a unique experience for you. The Guides and Porters are trained in Eco-Tourism and have a high awareness of the need to protect their natural environment and local culture. They are also trained in First-Aid, Rescue and safe Food Preparation – as your safety comes first.

Trekking Program:

First Day

Drive 1h from Labuan Bajo to the Roe village, at the foot of the Mbeliling Mountain. Learn about the endemic Fauna and Flora from the local Rangers at the starting point while being served traditional snacks – carefully prepared by the local women’s association.

Start the 3-4h trek at 600m above sea level in Roe village and hike in the cool mountain forest where you can discover an amazing range of tropical plants as well as some rare species of birds and other wildlife.

A traditional lunch served in Banana leaves will provide you with enough energy to climb the peak of the Mbeliling Mountain. Arriving at the top, 1239m above sea level, you enjoy a breath taking view over Flores – from Labuan Bajo to Komodo on the west to an impressive volcanic crater lake in the east. Take a rest and watch the sunset while your guides set up the tents on the mountain top and start preparing a del icious dinner. Relax and dream under the stars, only separated from them by the roof of your tent.

Second Day

Wake up to the calls and the sounds of tropical birds and enjoy the sunrise from this scenic campsite while the porters serve you hot coffee and a traditional breakfast fare with boiled bananas, corn, cassava and fresh fruit (seasonal). Continue hiking down to the astonishing Cunca Rami Waterfall, passing a village where you can experience the friendliness of local people, offering young coconut or fresh fruits.

Take a swim and shower under the waterfall and relax, spotting different kinds of birds as well as huge Honey combs in the rocks. After lunch you keep on walking along scenic paddy fields arriving in Werang village, where the car takes you back to your hotel in Labuan Bajo. If you are a strong hiker, you can also add 2.5 hours hiking, passing another village, ending up back in Roe.

Code of Conduct

conduct.jpg Welcome to Roe and the Mbeliling Area: We, the Roe-People, are happy and proud to invite you to visit our village and the beautiful surrounding area. Please pay attention to this Code of Conduct in order to help us protect our natural surrounding, customs and culture.
The compliance monitoring is based on your feedback, please assist us and fill in the questionnaire at the end of the trip


  • Please carry out all the rubbish you bring in to the Mbeliling Area
  • Do not engage in or encourage hunting: The Mbeliling area is the habitat of endangered animals which need be protected
  • Do not cut any trees or remove plants: this is a protected area, where cutting wood is strictly forbidden by the local government
  • Please don’t make a fire to cook or warm-up at night. Use the fuel stoves (provided by the trekking association)
  • Please inform your Local Guide or the Trekking Association if you observe anybody (local or foreign) not following these rules – as it is in the association’s interest to protect the environment


  • Please dress politely according to the local understanding which means in Indonesia not to wear short pants or skirts/sleeveless, transparent or low-cut tops
  • Respect the local culture in behaving with discretion (avoid public displays of affection, men and women only share a tent if formally partnered, use enclosed facilities for your toilet and bathing)
  • Don’t distribute sweets, money or other presents to children, as this encourages them to beg
  • Please ask for permission before you take pictures of people


  • Be sure you are healthy and feel comfortable walking for a sustained period. Walking on the narrow and — sometimes steep tracks to the Mbeliling Mountain requests a good physical condition, especially considering the tropic climate in Indonesia – Flores
  • Stick to the existing Tracks and don’t explore the area without a local guide – it is easy to get lost in the Mbeliling forest
  • Be aware, Narcotics, Pornography and Weaponry are strictly forbidden all over Indonesia and therefore not allowed to bring into this area

This price includes:

  • Traditional meals during the Trekking (Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Coffee, Tee and Water)
  • Fees of the Porters and Guides
  • Rental cost of Tents, Sleeping Bags, and Sleeping Mats
  • Support to the Community’s Development – 10% of the Price you pay will be used for Development projects in the Roe Village

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